Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waterboarding is Torture

Perhaps nothing that we have heard in any of the confirmation hearings so far expresses the differences between the tragedy of the last 8 years and the coming administration that has promised CHANGE.

Eric Holder, Attorney General designee, was asked very simply, Is Waterboarding Torture.

His answer was equally simple.

Yes, waterboarding is torture.

Michael Mukasey, Alberto Gonzales' successor and our current Attorney General, pretended not to know what waterboarding was, so he never answered the question. Alberto Gonzales, while proclaiming that the US did not torture, was never willing to state clearly that we would not waterboard. The President himself has admitted that the United States did use waterboard in interrogations of our prisoners.

The difference is clear and stark and heartening.

We, through our government, are finally admitting that we, through our government, tortured our prisoners.

And Barack Obama has promised that we will not torture, we will not waterboard.

It can't happen soon enough

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The Intellectual Redneck said...

Al Qaeda gets the plague-40 dead

We always knew Al Qaeda was a plague. Now they appear to have the plague and it may not be an accident.