Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What has conservativism done for you??

Conservatives gave us record deficits and an illegal invasion of a country that wasn't a threat to us and the deepest recession in 70 years and maniacs shooting doctors.

So what have conservatives done in the past 40 years to make the lives of anyone who isn't rich better?

The opposed the Clean Air Act and The Clean Water Act and the EPA and Medicare and Clinton's tax increases (which only set the stage for the greatest expansion in a century or more). They deregulated banks which led directly to the current recession. They have lied about climate change/global warming for at least 15 years and stopped us from taking on the most important challenge this world faces right now. They insisted that the federal government should intervene in private medical decisions made by a grieving husband in Florida after illegally disenfranchising thousands of (mostly minority) voters just before the 2000 election. They have spent the past 6 month lying about health care reform, especially the public option.

They have opposed every increase in the minimum wage despite all the evidence that it actually benefits people and doens't actually lead to job losses.

Proposition 13 in California lowered people's property taxes and eviserated public education in that state.

So really, what positive thing for the majorit of American's have conservatives accomplished in the past 30 or 40 years??



Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think you have a neurosis about this. Your party controls the executive, legislative and isn't being opposed much by the judiciary. If conservatism is as irrelevant as you claimed a few months back then why do you insist on continue to rail against it?

I don't feel like debating your litany of complaints but it seems that our overall crime is opposing your vision of "progress." Sorry but that's what political opposition does when they don't agree with you. Pick a new topic.

Uncle Walt said...

Me Neurotic???
Not a bit!!! lol
Maybe a little

I never claimed that Conservatism was irrelevant. Much the opposite. I claim that conservatism, particularly in its current form, is destructive.

Conservativism has evolved into a movement that seems to believe that government is inherently bad and that the answer to every question is oppose regulation and cut taxes. It has become a movement that claims to honor personal freedom as long as you are not doing anything that conservatives dissapprove of. It has become a movement that embraces a disdain for the facts as a core principle.

But it isn't a movement, and the Republicans aren't a party, with any real ideas for making things better.

Private insurance companies are screwing Americans by the millions, but conservatives/republicans (and some Democrats) insist that we have to protect that industry from competition.

Coal fired power plants are the largest contributors of green house gases in our economy and the mercury in coal power plant exhaust has literally poisoned essentially every river and stream in this country, yet conservatives ignore the science, declare Global Warming to be a hoax and oppose any mechanism for addressing the problem.

Conservatives opposed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, The Environmental Protection Act, every increase in the minimum wage, the creation of Medicare, universal health care, regulatory reform of the financial services industry, regulatory reform of the health insurance industry and the list goes on

It is the nature of the loyal oppostion to oppose, no question, but conservatives/republicans have been wrong about almost everything and yet still hold enough power to continue to oppose almost everything.

Conservatives/Republicans are always attacking Democrats as week on defense, yet 9/11 occured on the Republican's watch and they then supported an attack on a country that wasn't a threat to us while largely ignoring the hunt for the people that actually attacked us. By any measure, the Republican/Conservative approach to the war on terror has made us less safe. Al Queda is as strong or stronger now than it was in 2001 thanks to the way Republicans/Conservatives bungled the war they were so intent on declaring.

Republican's attack Democrats because of Democrats supposed profligate tax and spend ways but if you look at the economy and the national debt since WWII, the economy has consistently grown more during Democratic Administrations than Republicans and the current debt problem is almost completely a creation of Republican Cut Taxes and Spend anyway policies.

You don't have to debate my litany of complaints.

Just tell me one thing that Republicans/conservatives have done in the past 40 years that has actually benefited the majority of Americans.

I like this topic

Uncle Walt said...

Its interesting. I published a post in June that was very critical of President Reagan and his legacy.

No one stepped up to defend that Republican icon.

Now I publish a post that asks if conservatism has done anything good for America in the past 40 year.

And the silence is deafening.