Monday, July 26, 2010

Do Conservatives ever get tired of being Lied to by other Conservatives

The whole Shirley Sherrod disaster just bring a question to mind.

Are Conservatives tired of being lied to yet?

Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves - A Lie

Terry Schiavo really was in a Persistent Vegatative State despite Bill Frist's Lie

President Obama was not born in Kenya - A Lie

President Obama does not hate America or White People - A Lie

The health care bill did not use federal funds for abortion - A Lie

The health care bill did not provide subsudies to illegal aliens - A Lie

There were no Death Panels or anything like that in the bill - A Lie

President Obama is not a Socialist - A Lie

Acorn was never accused of Voter Fraud - A Lie

Passing the 1993 budget with its Tax Increases did not destroy the American Economy - A Lie

Passing the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act and the Environmental Protection Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act did not destroy the American Economy - A Lie

Saddam Hussein had ties to Al Queda - A Lie

And they are still lying about the human contribution to Global Warming.

And Shirley Sherrod is not a racist.

And it was the Bush Justice Department, not the Obama Justice Department, that decided no prosecutable crime was committed in the New Black Panthers case - despite the lies we were being told.

In almost every issue we face as a nation Republicans/Conservatives have lied to everyone.

Shirley Sherrod is only the latest example.

You would think Conservatives would get tired of being lied to.


Anonymous said...

Some of these, particularly the point about Ms. Sharrod are right on the money. That episode was an ugly, unfair hit-job in which Sharrod was villified in the news.

However some of your charges fall more under the ground of opinions. For example, where Obama was born is fact, but how he feels about America or white people is subjective. I don't believe that Obama hates either America or White people, but he is contemptuous of people who hold values different than his own, which are the majority of Americans.

Also, it doesn't matter whose justice department Bush's or Obama's which dropped the charges against the Black Panthers (although here I'll have to take issue with you, because the charges were dropped last March, I believe, long after Bush & Co. left Washington). If you've seen the film, you know that was voter intimidation.

As always, I appreciate your insights.

Uncle Walt said...


In general I would agree that a judgement that someone hates White People or hate America could be subjective but to make such a statement there would need to be some actions or statements to provide even a hint of such hatred and there simply isn't. This is not trying to intrepret the stupid way Harry Reid said which can give some grist to those who want to find racism in it. I don't see it, but that intrepreatation could be subjective.

But the Rush Limbaughs of the world have made claims like President Obama hates White People or hates America with no basis for their judgement.
To me that makes it a lie.

As for the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, the CRIMINAL case was dropped before the Obama administration took office (

Though the Obama Justice Department could have pursued the civil case more strongly, the Criminal case was over before they came into office.

And I noticed that you didn't make any attempt to address all the other lies told by Republican/Conservative leaders to their own people.

I would think that getting bombarded by all those lies would eventually drive you nuts

smaktakula said...

"And I noticed that you didn't make any attempt to address all the other lies told by Republican/Conservative leaders to their own people."

C'mon, Walt--I'm not a Kool-Aid drinker!

Uncle Walt said...

I am glad you don't drink the kool aid

But many of your fellow conservatives do. And the lies they have believed from Death Panels to Obama was born in Kenya to he hates America don't really advance the debate on any of the important challenges we face.

I would think you would hate that those who are so prominent in Republican/Conservative circles feel compelled to lie almost reflexively about most issues.

Smaktakula said...

In fairness, I consider myself a centrist, not a conservative. I just look conservative when compared to you!

Uncle Walt said...

OK, I guess that's fair!!