Monday, December 20, 2010

A Great Victory for America

Its almost done.
In the next few days the President of the United States will sign a bill repealing the abomination commonly referred to as Don't Ask, Don't Tell.


MK said...

Come come walt, how can you just stop at a great victory, this has to be the greatest in Americas history, no wait, in mans history.

President obongo rivals even the likes of Alexander the great with this one, wouldn't you agree.

Historians will be pouring over this one for decades walt, just you wait and see.

RKMeier said...

I agree, Walt.

My philosophy on homosexuals doing ANYTHING (serving in the military, being parents, etc.) is as follows:

Won't ask, don't care.

Uncle Walt said...

Glad to see you here RK

Always welcome more commenters.