Friday, April 1, 2011

Stupidest and Most Offensive Thing I Have Heard Today This is past amazing. In a debate in the Indiana House of Representatives about new restrictions on abortion we have a Indiana State Representative opposing an exemption for victims of Rape or Incest because SOME WOMEN MIGHT MIGHT UP SUCH A CHARGE TO BE ALLOWED AN ABORTION. Words fail me. Who are these people?


Anonymous said...

Are you shocked that he said it out loud, or that he thought a woman could be capable of doing that?

Uncle Walt said...

I don't even know if shocked is the right word. Conservatives have said so many stupid undefendable things in the past few years I may well be beyond shocked.

I am just mystified at this kind of world view. A bunch of old fat white guys making up rules about what other people can do with their bodies and then coming up with this kind of insane shit to defend it.

Its bloody depressing that enough Hoosiers would vote for this kind of idiot.

Me said...

I agree with you about the old fat white guys, but if you think a woman wouldn't make up a story like that, then you don't know women.

sfarris said...

Walt...I love you, you know I do... but we are not in a war of conservatives vs liberals. Why do you always boil it down to that? It takes the views from both to create an equilibrium of the middle ground which is where most of us meet. Government officals that are "conservatives" say alot of stupid things, but so do "liberals". We are all people under the skin, and I absolutely hate labels of any kind.

Uncle Walt said...

My use of labels is deliberate.

Many conservatives are not interested in compromise nor are they moved by facts. That may seem harsh, and it is, but when you see that most almost half of Republicans (and well over half of people who identify themselves as Tea Partiers) do not believe that President Obama was born in this country, that willful ignorance doesn't lead to a reasonable debate.

Many, probably most, Conservatives believe that tax cuts spur long term economic activity and pay for themselves. Its not true, every study that looks at says it not true, but they believe it. So if you believe that tax cuts pay for themselves in the long run, then cutting taxes has to be part of every solution. When Conservatives say and seem to believe that tax cuts don't add to the deficit, then its impossible to have a reasonable debate about addressing the deficit because one side absolutely refuses to consider raising taxes in order to address the deficit. A deficit that is largely the result of the Bush Tax Cuts that President Obama allowed the congress to extend.

Most Conservatives claim to want to keep the government out of the lives of Americans. And then they insist on adding more and more restrictions and caveats on a woman's right to choose. Conservatives claim to want to keep the government out of our lives but if a woman wants to get an abortion she has to wait three days, get counseling from a christian anti-abortion counseling center, see an ultrasound of the fetus, or listen to the fetal heartbeat. This is the concept that Conservatives have of limited government. They want government to be limited UNLESS I want to do something they disapprove of and then they want to use the power of the state to prevent me.

I would love for there to be a middle ground. But when one side chooses to believe things that are demonstrably not true and use their beliefs, not anything vaguely resembling facts, as the basis for their arguments, its hard to reach reasonable compromises.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to enter the debate between conservatives and liberals, but quite just tackle this issue.

I was also shocked that someone could actually say that, it's ridiculous. Yes, I see where he's coming from. Pple can make things up like that, and that's sick. But just because of that, that doesn't mean abortion should not be on the state - period.

it's like saying pple lie therefore we throw everyone is jail - it's a ridiculous solution in my opinion.

Uncle Walt said...

Thanks Cello for a non-partisan voice of reason