Thursday, September 29, 2011


I’m Back!!
A friend of mine commented a few days ago that he hadn’t seen a new post here in a while and he even knew the date of my last post. I replied that I was discouraged the failures of my party to own any of the current debates. My pArty, and the supposedly liberal main stream media, are letting the idiots that dominate the Republican Party lie and lie and lie and even when they get corrected, the media doesn’t hold them to account for lying. This has been the dynamic in America’s politics since the election of Barack Obama. Lies about where he was born, lies about his faith and beliefs, lies about what he has said in his speeches, lies about the 2009 stimulus bill, lies about Obamacare, lies about whose policies created the huge deficits we face, lies about lies about global warming, lies about evolution, and then more lies. The list goes on and on.
One of their favorite lies goes something like, “We can’t raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans or on Corporations because they are the JOB CREATORS!!!!!”
God forbid that we do anything to inhibit Job Creation.
In 2010 Republicans across the country ran for election based on their attacks on the President for not fixing the economy and their promises to implement policies that would create jobs.
In other words they lied again.
They are pointing to the wrong people as the Job Creators! Major Corporations in this country are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars on cash reserves and not hiring in this country. Small businesses have been given all sorts of tax incentives to hire and they are not hiring despite facing the lowest tax burden since the end of WWII. Why are the supposed JOB CREATORS not creating any jobs? Because they are not the JOB CREATORS!!!
You are
I am
Go to a mirror and look at yourself and tell yourself, “I am a JOB CREATOR!!”
Jobs don’t get created because we repeal regulations or lower taxes or worship at the feet of small businesses and big corporations, jobs get created when WE go out and create demand. When we start buying things, that will create demand and then the supposed JOB CREATORS will start hiring people to make or provide those things WE, the REAL JOB CREATORS, want.
Ever since the Bush Tax Cuts, we have been fawning over Corporations and Small Businesses as the JOB CREATORS and look at how well that has worked out for us. Even before the Great Recession, created by the greed of Big Corporations, job growth had been anemic, the middle class was getting it ass kicked, and the rich were just getting richer. And now it’s even worse.
So how do we create more JOBS. Let’s create more Demand!!!
Let’s put a couple of million American’s back to work doing thing that really need doing like fixing our Highways and Bridges and Tunnels and Water Systems and Sewer Systems. Let hire back the Teachers and Police Officers and Firefighters that we fired because we didn’t want to ask the already wealthy to pay something more in taxes.
So let us directly create 3 or 4 million jobs and watch those 3 or 4 million now working people start spending their paychecks and buying the things they want and creating jobs making those thing they want to buy. It really does feed on itself. So if we directly put 3 or 4 million people and the demand they create puts another million or two American’s back to work all those people are creating demand (and paying taxes, something they aren’t doing now).
Cutting Taxes and repealing regulations haven’t worked and won’t work to create jobs. Creating Demand will CREATE JOBS.
So that is what we need to do.
It starts with the President’s newest jobs bill, but that’s only a start.


Jim Robbins said...

Ask any Republican or Tea Partier why we are not spending the money it takes to restore our infrastructure, and thus add the jobs required to perform the tasks.

If they tell you it's too expensive, you may ask them - is infrastructure not necessary? If it is necessary, when will the money be cheaper then right now?

Pam Bullock said...

You hit the nail right on the head. I hope people are beginning to realize that "job creator" is code for "wealthy person who donates to GOP campaigns and therefore must not be taxed further".

Uncle Walt said...

Jim, Jim, Jim,

You poor drunken fool you!!

You should know by know that you cannot apply logical thinking to bagger logic.

If you ask a bagger anything logical they will tell you that you are a Communist or a Socialist (despite not really knowing what the difference is between the two) and that Obama hates America and is a secret Muslim and that we are paying waaaaaaayyyyyy to high taxes and Obama is responsible for the entire debt and deficit and the stimulus bill didn't work and the ObamaCare is a government take over of health care and the the homosexual agenda is destroying the moral fabric of the United States and public employee unions are bankrupting every state government.

When they finally stop ranting if you repeat your question they will look at you like you are an alien and walk away.

Poor poor man, thinking you could talk logical to those idiots.

Anonymous said...

They are the "Job-Creators", but we are the "Wealth=Producers".

Uncle Walt said...

Job Creators creates the impression that they lead in some way, and that is rarely true. Most corporations and small businesses aren't creating new business, they are making more of what is already out there. And they will only make if they come to believe that they can make a profit doing so. And then they will hire as few people as they possibly can.

There are exceptions. Apple has innovated in ways that virtually created new markets. But that kind of true creation is rare. For the most part, the supposed job creators don't lead they follow. They hire when they just can't get any more out of their current workforce and only if WE (all of us consumers) create demand for what they are selling.

We are the Job Creators, not the business owners. And what we spend creates not only the jobs, but the wealth.