Sunday, October 9, 2011

What have Conservatives done to make American Better

I have asked this question before. Usually I don't get any response what so ever.

But to date, I haven't gotten one clear example of something Conservatives have done to make America Better?



Bill said...

Your question touches on the major distinction between American liberalism and conservatism. A true conservative (not the fundamentalist variety) believes that the country is "made better" by its individuals. We believe that the country is greater when individuals are allowed the liberties to turn their ideas into businesses and careers. They believe in individual responsibility and accomplishment. Conservatism's contribution is in allowing a country's people to make the country better, rather than its government institutions.

Uncle Walt said...

You say that like Democrats don't believe in individual initiative and accomplishment. Simply not true.

But I would argue that Liberalism recognizes that unfettered liberty is another name for anarchy and unfettered capitalism eventually and inevitably becomes oligarchy.

Remember that our Democratic President himself came from what can only be described as humble beginnings and he has risen to the most powerful office in the country by stint of talent and hard work.

But we resist the excesses of unfettered liberty and capitalism. We demand that companies not be allowed to pollute with impunity and that banks not be allowed to gamble with and lose our money and that some whites not be allowed to prevent blacks from voting or eating in a restaurant or riding in the front seat of a bus, or buying a house in your neighborhood purely because of the color of their skin.

We honor and celebrate those Americans who have made this country a greater and better place. We just acknowledge that some of those people worked for us, not for themselves.

Individuals and corporations would not have, could not have put a man on the moon in 1969. Only a government could do that.

And we are all better off because of all the things that resulted from the things we had to do to learn to get to the moon. The lunar missions never made a profit, they weren't designed to make a profit, but the lunar missions made all of our lives better in the end.

Individuals and Corporations wouldn't have built extended the railroad from Omaha to San Francisco just after the Civil War. There wouldn't have been enough profit in it. But when the government paid them to do it one of history’s great engineering feats was completed in less than a decade. And it changed the face of America, allowing people to go from Coast to Coast in relative comfort and safety in weeks instead of months.

There is no question that the country is made better by individuals and corporations and the things they can do.

But it is also made better by public school teachers and firefighters and police men.

And it’s made better by bureaucrats in the EPA who protect our air and water from the excesses of individuals and corporations.

And it’s made better by bureaucrats in the Department of Labor who ensure our workplaces won't kill us in the name of higher profits for the corporations we work for.

So while Liberals where creating the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act and banning child labor and trying to ensure that EVERY American has the right to vote, what were Conservatives doing except opposing all of those things.

Do you really believe that America would be a better place if Conservatives has prevailed and prevented all those things that Liberals have done for all of us?

So what good things have Conservatives done for America?