Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stand up for Being Liberal

It’s time to take back “Liberal”
It’s time to stand up and declare the Liberal is a Badge of Honor.  I badge I wear proudly.

What do Liberals have to be proud of?
The Voting Rights Act
The Civil Rights Act
The Affordable Care Act
The Environmental Protection Act
The Clean Air Act
The Clean Water Act
The GI Bill
Pell Grants
Guaranteed Student Loans

Shall I go on?

We can and should be proud of what we are struggling for even now
Equality for Homosexuals
Equal Pay for Equal Work
The Buffett Rule
Extended Unemployment Insurance

We have let the Republican Lie Machine take away a proud label and turn it into a curse and that had to end.
Any time you hear a Conservative/Republican tell you how proud they are to be Conservative, ask them what great things, positive things, Conservatives have done for this country.  The silence will be deafening.  They might try to tell you about all the things they are against.  They might try to tell you all the things they have stopped.  But I have yet to find a Conservative who could tell me the great things that Conservatives have DONE.  Actual Positive Accomplishments.

Ask them.
And remember why Liberals are and should be Proud of being Liberal.  We have done great things, things that have made this country greater, healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous.

And there is more to do.
Take back the proud label of Liberal.

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