Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where are you Liberal Mainstream Media

Liberal Mainstream Media,

I miss you!!!!

Its been so long I don't know if you ever actually existed

I have been told by Conservatives/Republicans that you are in the bag for Obama so often that I almost believed it myself.

Now I want it to be true and I want you back.

I want a LIBERAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA that will ask every Conservative/Republican that talks about Repealing and Replacing Obamacare, what would they replace it with?

     Would it forbid insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions?

     Would it forbid insurance companies from canceling your coverage when you actually get sick?

     Would it let us keep our kids on our insurance until they are 26?

     Would it close the Medicaid Part D donut hole left behind by Bush's Prescription Drug Benefit?

     Would it require that insurance companies pay out most of their income in claims instead of in administrative and marketing costs?

     Would it provide coverage (mostly by private insurance companies) to 30 million Americans that previously didn't have Insurance?

I want them to ask all those questions?  Cause nobody in the major networks is asking that now.

I want them to ask for a single example in American history where a massive tax cut that wasn't accompanied by massive spending cuts didn't explode the deficit?

I want them to ask where are the jobs since the Rich are Richer than they have ever been and Corporations are making record profits and are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash reserves?  Where are the jobs?

I want them to ask which program that President Obama initiated has increased the debt or the deficit other than the stimulus bill?

I want them to point out that the economy has consistently performed better under Democratic Presidents than it has under Republican Presidents.

I want them to point out that the stock market has consistently performed better under Democratic Presidents than under Republican Presidents.

When Conservatives/Republicans say that the President's policies on the economy have failed, ask them which of the President's policies that got passed have failed?  Ask them how many jobs bills Congress passed after the Stimulus bill?

And when they try to say that the Stimulus bill failed question their definition of failure since the stimulus created between 2 - 4 million jobs and increased GDP by 1.5 - 2% a year for the 2 years it was pumping out money.

When the Conservative/Republican they tries to claim that the President PROMISED that if the stimulus bill passed that unemployment would not go over 8%, explain to them the difference between a promise and a prediction.  Then point out that since the economy was clearly in worse shape in early 2009 that the President understood at the time, clearly a bigger stimulus bill was needed.  And then ask them why they have opposed every attempt by the president to kick start the economy with any of the jobs bills he has proposed even though he proposed ways to pay for each and every one of them.

Ask them if proudly saying that they would refuse a budget deal that included 10 parts of spending cuts and only 1 part of a tax increase, ask them how realistic that is and then ask them where they are willing to compromise or if they are willing to compromise at all.

That's the Liberal Mainstream Media that I keep hearing Republicans/Conservatives complain about.  The problem is I haven't actually seen many in the main stream media actually ask these questions.  Usually when some Conservative/Republican get on their show and just starts lying, they just nod and accept the lies without comment.

I wish we did have a Mainstream Media that would ask these questions

I would like that.


Bill said...

Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, any sitcom since around 1990. It's there and it's influencing culture.

Vic said...

Oh, I do so agree with you. A few do a good job, Rachel Maddow for one, although know if she'd be considered mainstream but mostly they just let the Republicans get away with their lies because the mainstream is so worried that they might be called "biased" by Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

Uncle Walt said...

Thanks Vic and Bill,

Though Bill, I don't watch enough Sitcom's to know if they are driving or reflecting culture.