Sunday, February 23, 2014

When was the last time Republicans were right about something?

When was the last time Republicans were right about something?

That’s not really a rhetorical question.  I am trying to figure out when it was.

Their apocryphal predictions about Obamacare are all turning out to be wrong.

They still insist, despite all the evidence, that the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (The Stimulus) was a failure despite all it did to prevent the economy collapsing into an actual depression.

The insisted that the President’s plan to bail out GM and Chrysler were doomed to failure.  Both GM and Chrysler are thriving and by time we finish selling the last of our stake in those companies we will actually have made a little money on the GM bailout and will have recovered almost all of the Chrysler bailout monies, without Washington bureaucrats telling the management of either company how to run their businesses.

Many, led by Senators McCain and Graham have criticized everything that this president has done on foreign policy.  Often changing positions almost overnight like McCain did with the President’s response to the Arab Spring revolution in Libya.

They take tragedies and mistakes and insist that they are scandals and keep repeating the same discredited attacks long after they have been debunked.

They acknowledged the reality of Climate Change before they decided it was a hoax (George Bush ran on a Carbon Tax in the 2000 campaign).

They were in favor of insurance exchanges before they were against them.  RomenyCare in Massachusetts was the implementation of a plan from the Heritage Foundation in response to Hillary care in 1993.  Romney implemented it in Mass in 2005 and then ran against the same plan in 2012.  The House GOP Budgets for the past few years have included a plan to transition people on Medicare from the current system to a system of insurance exchanges where people would shop for and buy individual insurance using Premium Support payments from the federal government.

Republicans are very concerned now about the Deficit and resulting National Debt only when there is a Democrat in the White House.  When Reagan tripled the annual deficit and more than doubled the National Debt, he became an almost religious Icon of the Right.  Bush the 2nd inherited a budget surplus and within 8 years had created a $1.3T deficit, more than doubling the National Debt in the process while Republicans kept insisting that the disastrous Bush Tax cuts be made permanent.  And not the incessantly criticize President Obama, glibly ignoring the simple fact that the annual deficit has FALLEN every year of his Presidency and has been more than cut in half as a percentage of the overall economy.

Republicans led us into the disaster that is Iraq based on faulty or even manufactured intelligence.

Republicans insist that we are overregulated while ignoring the fact that the Gulf Oil Spill, the series of oil pipeline ruptures across the country, the Freedom Industries spill in WV, the coal ash pond leaks in North Carolina, and the Financial Crisis that led to the current sluggish economy were ALL the result or either inadequate regulations or regulations that were not adequately enforced.

Republicans refused to renew extended Unemployment Insurance payments despite the reality that doing so only slows our economic growth even more.

They criticize the President because the economy isn’t growing as fast as anyone would like, claiming that the President’s policies have failed, all the while refusing to pass any of the measures he has proposed to stimulate job growth and boost the economy.

They blocked sensible gun control programs like expanding back ground check to close the Gun Show Loophole, proposals that have the support of a large majority of American’s.

They have blocked the President’s attempt to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, insisting on enforcement first, while ignoring the fact that the Border Patrol has tripled in size under President Obama, that ICE and the Border Patrol have deported more undocumented workers than any administration in history and ignoring the fact that we have been a close to net 0 illegal immigration in the past 5 years.

When was the last time they were right about anything?


Magpie said...

The Republicans who acknowledge their party is in sick sorry shape are right.

Uncle Walt said...

Good Morning Magpie.

See, they can be right if they work at it