Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gays in the Military, the Insanity Continues

If there is a poster child for the utter insanity of Don't Ask Don't Tell, it's Lt Dan Choi. A decorated veteran of Iraq who recently came out of the closet. A military panel has recommended that he be discharged from the National Guard despite NO EVIDENCE THAT HIS SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS PREJUDICIAL TO GOOD ORDER AND DISCIPLINE. And, Oh By The Way, he is an Arab linguist, somehting the military has a distinct sortage of. So we continue to pursue a utterly mindless policy based on old prejudices that most members of the military no longer care about and that have cost us the patriotic services of more than 12,000 patriotic Americans who wanted to do the PATRIOTIC thing and serve their country in the military. This is insanity beyond description. Don't Ask, Don't Tell IS HARMING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY.

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Paul Michael Murphy said...

I'm as conservative as they come, but I must agree here. I don't get the policy, especially since most of the servicemen have grown up during a time when homosexuality has become more mainstream. Soldiers' discomfort over serving with gays should not be a reason to exclude them anymore than similar discomforts over race or gender.