Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is this really news?

When so much is happening in the world, why is it breathlessly awaited breaking news that Michael Jackson's will has been filed with the courts.
Its not like that is a suprise or unusual or even really interesting
I know there is a 24 hour news cycle now, but is the sad passing of such a sad character really the most important thing that has happened this past week.
He was an amazingly talented and equally flawed man who let his life get away from him.
But is this really headline news?


Paul Michael Murphy said...

It's not news. In fact, the bigger story is the media's handling of the whole thing. Makes you wonder what a government could get away with if they managed to time their deceit with the death of a mega-celebrity.

Uncle Walt said...

Hopefully somebody would notice and find a way to be heard through all the noise.

Ernie said...

The city of Los Angeles has a website where one can donate money to help defer the costs of this waste of time.

Uncle Walt said...

The memorial service is long over, yet its still the headline on CNN
I need to spend more time on