Monday, October 6, 2008

Arizonan's Sold on McCain??

I don't really know what this means but in the latest polls that I have seen, Senator McCain is barely poling over 50% in his home state (50.3%). His 11.3% lead over Senator Obama is only marginally larger than the 10.5% win that President Bush got in 2004.

Maybe it mean nothing, but the fact that 11% of Arizonans are not sure if they want to vote for Senator McCain says to me that the people who know him best are not sold on him. The undecides in Illinois are only 7% of that electorate.

As a comparison, Senator Obama is polling 55% in Illinois, which gives him a 17% advantage over Senator McCain in that state, much larger then the 10.4% margin that John Kerry had over George Bush in 2004.

Maybe this really doesn't mean anything. But I do find it interesting

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