Friday, October 3, 2008

McCain the Maverick

The latest iteration of the McCain campaign is Sarah Palin's Maverick theme from last night.

And the funny thing is, she used to be right.

In 2000 John McCain was a Maverick when he campaigned against the influence of some religious conservative as agents of intolerance. In 2007 and 2008 he actively sought the support of those he once criticized.

In 2001 he opposed President Bush's tax cuts because they would favor the wealthy over the middle class and he was right. In 2008 he wants to make those same tax cuts permanent and even add more tax cuts despite the enormous deficits resulting from the first set of cuts.

He joined with President Bush and supported comprehensive Immigration reform. One of the few policies pursued by the President that I agreed with. Senator went against the mainstream of his party and supported the reforms and co sponsored the bill. Now he has stated he would vote against the very bill he co-sponsored.

He used to be a Maverick.

Interestingly, Governor Palin may actually be more of a maverick than the Senator.

On the issues that are really important this election, Senator McCain is no maverick, he is more of Bush and that we don't need.

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Matty said...

Dang you are prolific! I am pleased if I hit one a day and 4 decent ones in a week (see my most recent one for an example of a classic fluff piece).

I am seriously loving it!

Oh, and please know that just because I may not comment every time or for an extended period, I am reading religiously.

Love you