Thursday, October 2, 2008

She Didn't Screw Up

Which probably qualifies as a victory for the McCain campaign.

Governor Palin frequently didn't answer the questions and constantly repeated the same talking points, but she didn't fail to zero the way she had in her earlier interviews

Senator Biden won on debating points, but then so did Richard Nixon in 1960. American's aren't debate judges.

She continues to be bright and cheery and likeable. Time will tell if she answered the question in peoples minds about her readiness to be the President.

It was striking how completely she was willing to throw President Bush under the bus. There was virtually no statement of support for his policies while she pushed her theme that she and Senator McCain are reformers.

Senator Biden directly attacked that claim and did so effectively, but only did it once. Senator Biden also clearly and effectively talked about the lack of significant policy differences between President Bush and Senator McCain, continuing the theme of McCain being simply a 3rd Bush term. He did it well, but he only did it once. Governor Palin repeated her mantra that she and Senator McCain were reformers over and over and over again apparently believing that if you say something over and over again, even if its not true, people will believe you.

Senator McCain and his campaign staff have to be breathing a massive sigh of relief tonight


Prica said...

i know right....Biden was passionate...& poor little ol' Hockey Mom was choosing to answer the questions her own way....All I heard was echo.

Uncle Walt said...

Thanks for Joining in Prica

I hope you hang around

Matty said...

I have to be honest, I was ready to watch The Office by 8 (it wasn't on).

I genuinely felt that Biden won the debate simply due to the abundance of facts that he had on-hand. In retrospect and with a little research I realize that, as usual he made most of that crap up. What's a Bosniac? Like a Pontiac manufactured in Sarajevo? When exactly during Obama's tenure did we join with the French to kick Hezbollah out of Lebanon? Also, I suspect he meant that Hamas won in the election in Gaza not the West Bank as he stated.

As I look back they both looked like politicians trying stick it in the other but I am left with the impression that Palin is under-informed and Biden is a BS artist. I guess one's impression of who won depends on which of those 2 is least offensive.

As a side note, did you catch Biden's quote about how Pres. FDR got on TV after Black Tuesday to talk to the American people? Nevermind that FDR wasn't the president and that no one really owned TVs in 1929.

I don't care who you support, that was funny.

Uncle Walt said...

Biden is sometimes a gaff machine when he is speaking off the cuff.

He knows waht he is talking about then then drops in little beauties like Bosniaks and FDR on Television.

I actually think that knowledge about subjects is an important criteria. Governor Palin's grasp of the few issues she actually addressed seemed quite thin.

Now on to the next Main Event. The Presidental Debate on Tuesday.