Friday, October 3, 2008

Vice President Palin

Based on the debate and her previous interviews can the thought of a Vice President Palin be anything other than frightening?

She is cheery and likeable, but her answers seldom make sense.

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Matty said...

Actually I was thinking the exact same thing about Biden. Seriously, had Palin or McCain said even one of the several boneheaded things that Biden has honored us with the past fortnight it would have been front page NYT for 3 days.

FDR on TV before TV and before he was President? The US and France kicking Hezbollah out of Lebanon in the past 5 years? And he says this stuff with a holier-than-thou smirk that gives the impression that he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.

Honestly Walt... if he is willing to make up out of whole cloth things that are this obvious to repudiate (by a 14 year old and Wikipedia) how can he be trusted on ANYTHING.

I'll admit Palin's bizarre notion that we should not worry about the cause of global warming but still need to combat it is nonsensical but since I am of the opinion that it is cyclical climate issue due mostly to increased sun activity, it doesn't worry me that much. I also assume that since she misspoke twice almost identically in a week that she means that whether it is man-made or cyclical we still have to deal with the effects.